Chrono Weaver: Time travel and puzzles in the new single-player VR co-op game

Chrono Weaver: Time travel and puzzles in the new single-player VR co-op game

In Chrono Weaver, you take on the role of a test subject who must solve tricky puzzles using time travel, a slingshot, and physics.


Chrono Weaver is a new VR puzzle game where you play as a test subject in a mysterious research facility, solving challenging puzzles. Instead of other players, you work with copies of yourself. These are created through time travel. The game is being released for SteamVR and the Meta Quest store. A demo is currently playable on both platforms.

The gameplay is reminiscent of titles like Portal or The Last Clockwinder: you move from puzzle to puzzle while an exciting story is told. A flying robot named Yoto accompanies you on your journey and makes sure you don't get lost.

Chrono Weaver will not have a real tutorial. Instead, the game mechanics are introduced gradually so that the puzzles become more complex and challenging as you progress.

Key features of Chrono Weaver include:

  • A world filled with interactive, physics-based objects optimized for VR
  • Physics-based puzzles and a hand-integrated slingshot as a tool
  • The ability to rewind time and collaborate with copies of yourself

VR as an ideal platform for puzzle games

VR has established itself as an excellent platform for puzzle games. The immersive experience allows puzzles to be experienced up close.

This allows for game mechanics and puzzle designs that would not be possible on a flat screen. In Chrono Weaver, this is taken to the extreme with the ability to interact with time travel and copies of yourself.



The developers of Chrono Weaver promise a compelling story and unusual, creative puzzles that should appeal to both experts and novices. With accessible yet challenging gameplay, Chrono Weaver could be a hit with VR puzzle fans.

Another popular VR puzzle adventure called Firmament will soon be released for PSVR 2. To adapt the game to the Playstation platforms, nearly 1000 changes were made to the Unreal engine. The release of the PSVR2 version is planned for the fall of 2024. Cyan Worlds is also working on a VR remake of the classic Riven, also scheduled for release in 2024 for PC, PC-VR, Mac, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3.

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