Bulletstorm VR: Patches available to fix major issues on PC and PSVR 2

Bulletstorm VR: Patches available to fix major issues on PC and PSVR 2

Bulletstorm VR gets a major update to improve the VR shooter's lackluster performance on PC VR and Playstation VR 2.


Bulletstorm VR received a major update on 14 February that focuses on fixing issues and bugs. The update was released for PC VR via Steam and for Playstation VR 2. Users of Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro already had access to a first patch on 26 January.

The update fixes several crashes in various scenarios and improves visual effects. The game's usability has also been addressed. Among other things, the HUD has been optimised. You can now skip cutscenes by holding down the trigger.

The boss AI should also work better now. Among other things, the patch fixes an unresponsive AI in the boss battle of Act 2-1. The full patch notes can be found via the link at the bottom of the article.

The developers have also addressed some known issues that will be fixed in future patches. These include a progression block if you trigger the cutscene in Act 1, Chapter 2 before all the enemies have been killed, and a problem where you could get stuck at an odd angle in Act 0, Chapter 2.



Stumbling VR launch for action classic

Bulletstorm VR was released on 18 January 2024 for PC VR via Steam, Playstation VR 2 and Meta Quest after a delay, and was supposed to bring the popular Xbox action classic to Virtual Reality. To this day, the VR game is still rated "mostly negative" in Steam user reviews due to the numerous problems it experienced upon release.

Common criticisms include the game's physics implementation, weak graphics and poor performance, which led to numerous crashes for some players.

People Can Fly and Incuvo released a statement promising to improve the quality of the game. The problems would be fixed one at a time, starting with the most serious ones.

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