Behemoth: New name and massive delay for potential VR hit

Behemoth: New name and massive delay for potential VR hit

The VR action role-playing game “Behemoth” for PSVR 2, Meta Quest and PC VR will be renamed and moved back significantly.

The promising VR-RPG Behemoth is now officially called “Skydance's Behemoth” and will be delayed significantly. Originally planned for late 2023, the VR game will now be released a year later, in late 2024, for PSVR 2, PC-VR, Quest 2, and Quest 3.

Behemoth is being developed by the creators of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and Saints & Sinners: Chapter 2 – Retribution. The title first caught our attention at Meta Connect 2022, but since Behemoth's impressive cinematic trailer was shown at last year's Game Awards, it should be on everyone's VR list.

Better late than never

While it's annoying for players at first, game delays are often the best thing for everyone involved. Developers get more time to tweak and (hopefully) avoid unhealthy crunch times. Conversely, customers get a much better product.

Skydance Interactive has a very good reputation in the VR industry and is known for high quality VR games. Expectations are high for Behemoth.


Releasing it too early would cause an unnecessary loss of confidence, which is something Skydance wants to avoid at all costs, especially now that we are expecting a significant increase in VR users with the upcoming release of Quest 3.

What can we expect in Behemoth?

In Behemoth, you can expect epic boss battles and realistic melee combat. According to story boss Davidson Cole, you'll be fighting giant colossi and competing against human opponents in physically accurate swordfights. There is also a survival aspect, similar to the Walking Dead games.

The VR environment is said to be particularly impressive. You can expect a dark fantasy world full of huge cliffs, massive glaciers, underground lakes and dark cave systems.

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