Asgard's Wrath 2 introduces new heroine with living weapons

Asgard's Wrath 2 introduces new heroine with living weapons

Meta shares new insights into Asgard's Wrath 2. A heroine fights with living weapons, and companions are useful in more ways than one.

Mari Kyle, Senior Producer at Oculus Studios, regularly reveals new features of the VR role-playing game Asgard's Wrath 2, which will be released this winter on Meta Quest 2, Quest Pro and Quest 3. After revealing the lore behind the Divine Transformations and the Rogue-lite mode, Kyle now introduces a new heroine and animal companions.

Heroine Cyrene fights with living weapons

Asgard's Wrath 2 will feature a wide range of heroes with different play styles. Three of them have already been revealed: Abraxas is a melee warrior, Alvilda is a long-range bow wielding ranger, and Djehuty is an undead mage.

In the latest developer video, Mari Kyle introduces the river naiad Cyrene, who fights with living weapons. "The first is the Seething Jellix named Ephyra, a jellyfish-type creature that she can throw into an area, and it works as a turret—it’ll shoot out poisoned projectiles at anything that passes," Kyle explains.

Cyrene's fighting style is designed for fast movement and long range. Her main weapon is a harp, which can also be used as a shield and puzzle tool. In melee, she uses a snake that coils around her arm. Its stiff tongue is a sword and grappling hook.

Animal companions help in combat and with puzzles

Throughout the game, you'll meet several animal AI companions that you can turn into human-animal hybrids. You'll gain a variety of abilities that you can use in combat or when solving puzzles.



Panther Subira is one of the first companions you'll meet in Asgard's Wrath 2. "Subira is an awesome combat companion. She’s really nimble and fast. When I’m fighting in combat, she’s just this shadow moving around the corners and taking out enemies one by one," Kyle said.

The hawk Pa'akhet is a more defensive character that can be developed in two ways, according to Kyle: "You can upgrade his skill tree so that he’s more balanced towards being a healer, or you can upgrade some of his combat options, so he’s a better fighter."

Companion Inspiration and Mounts

Improved AI should ensure that your teammates adapt to your fighting style and respond to your actions during confrontations. Also new is companion inspiration, a meter that fills up as you impress your companions with special actions.

When full, you can grant yourself and your companion a special ability that will boost you in battle or allow you to perform combos. In their animal form, companions also serve as mounts. You can ride Subira the Panther through the desert, and Pa'akhet the Falcon will pull you through the air on a grappling hook.

Sources: Meta