ARcana tabletop platform for AR headset announced

ARcana tabletop platform for AR headset announced

ARcana is planned for various operating systems and will also have a version for AR headsets.

Game developer Mirrorscape is currently developing ARcana, an AR platform for tabletop games. It is in the beta phase and scheduled for release in spring 2023 for iOS, Android, and various XR operating systems. The company also plans a later launch for AR headsets with support from Snapdragon Spaces (info). When ARcana arrives on AR headsets and for which tabletop systems remains unclear.

"By using Snapdragon Spaces, we can deliver immersive, interactive, and highly engaging AR gameplay that gives tabletop gamers an authentic 3D experience, whether at the table or around the world," the press release states.

This is what ARcana has to offer

With ARcana, Mirrorscape aims to make tabletop gaming a more immersive experience. The platform will allow players to design their own game worlds and visualize them as 3D playing fields via an AR-enabled device.


ARcana offers assets for various scenarios, including fantasy, adventure, sci-fi, horror, and strategy, according to Mirrorscape. Direct support for tabletop systems like Warhammer 40K is not mentioned.

Meanwhile, tabletop fans should take a look at Demeo (review). It is a VR tabletop game that is especially fun in a group, as our linked review shows.

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