AR Golf Training for Meta Quest 3 optimizes tee shots with GPT-4

AR Golf Training for Meta Quest 3 optimizes tee shots with GPT-4

An AR golf training app for the Quest 3 analyzes tee shots using AI. Quest Pro owners can already try out the alpha.


Golf is one of the sports that can be played amazingly well with motion controllers in virtual reality. This is proven by Golf+ and the VR hit Walkabout Mini Golf, among others. A new app, Swing Genius, from the studio of the same name now brings this principle into your real living room with augmented reality and AI analysis.

Owners of Meta Quest Pro (and later the Meta Quest 3) will see a small patch of grass on their actual floor where they tee off the virtual ball. The golf ball then flies through a virtual portal in the wall - almost like on a real practice course with open walls in the style of Top Golf or Drive Shack.

AR golf training with the Quest 3 and Quest Pro

Numerous virtual club types are available as equipment. Alternatively, the manufacturer also offers a hardware extension for attaching real clubs to the controller. A variety of statistics provide information about the execution, such as how evenly the stroke curve and speed were maintained.

Meanwhile, an "AI co-pilot," connected to the GPT-4 language model from Open AI, provides suggestions for improvement, via voice output and in text form (the developers of Golf+ also work with an AI caddie).



In addition to numerous markers for alignment on the ground, there are also lines and swing planes floating in space. The players use these to align their clubs, analyze the last tee shot or the trajectory of the ball. All this is calculated in real time by the Unreal Engine.

Interested players with a Meta Quest Pro can apply to participate in the closed alpha phase, which is already in progress. To request access, go to the Swing Genius website. Since the Quest Pro has eye-tracking, the VR headset even analyzes the player's gaze.

Gaze analysis won't be possible on the recently unveiled Quest 3 due to the lack of eye and face tracking. However, the built-in depth sensor in the upcoming VR headset could provide even more precise tracking.

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