Apple Vision Pro: This is how visionOS looks on Meta Quest Pro

Apple Vision Pro: This is how visionOS looks on Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest Pro owners can now get a first impression of what it looks like to launch Apple Vision Pro.

A Unity-based UI demo shows a replica of the visionOS user interface running on the Meta Quest Pro. You can see the app grid that Apple showed when it unveiled its VR/AR headset at this year's WWDC.

The demo, based on the Nova UI framework, places familiar Apple apps directly in your field of view while allowing you to see your surroundings in the background through the Quest Pro's color passthrough.

visionOS demo available on GitHub

The Quest Pro's eye tracking lets you target apps or menu items and select them with a "pinch" gesture of your hand. Of course, you cannot run Safari, Apple Home, and the like. Instead, you can access elements of the Nova UI via the menu bar, which the demo is meant to promote.


The project can be downloaded from GitHub and sideloaded onto Quest Pro. Meta Quest and Quest 2 are not supported. Those who want to experience the "real" Apple Vision Pro feeling will have to wait. The VR/AR headset is scheduled for release early next year.

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