VR for Business: Faster & more immersive with VRdirect Studio

VR for Business: Faster & more immersive with VRdirect Studio

Companies can now create VR apps even easier, better, and more immersive with the updated VRdirect Studio.

Virtual Reality has arrived in enterprises: Prototypes are created and tested virtually instead of taking up physical resources. VR training can be repeated anytime, anywhere, and VR demos are used to attract talent for jobs.

Getting started with VR is easy thanks to numerous technical advances: Standalone VR glasses provide all hardware and software in one device. There's no need for a fast PC as a source device. Thanks to this new mobility, there are many new areas of application for VR in companies, ranging from communication to recruiting to training.

Developing VR software has also become easier: With VRdirect Studio, enterprises create their first VR apps in just a few hours without any programming effort. With the new version, VRdirect now supports businesses even better on their way to the industrial metaverse.

VRdirect Studio: Better workflows, better results

The revamped, cleaner user interface in VRdirect Studio improves the popular workflows. In addition, VR projects can be managed and edited directly via a secure cloud infrastructure with automatic synchronization and backup. This enables easy collaboration on the VR project (Edit) and secure sharing (View), for example with other departments.

VR projects can now be edited anywhere, regardless of the end device. This speeds up development time and increases flexibility.

Faster workflows, better user guidance and support for 3D objects: The new VRdirect Studio enables companies to get into VR even faster and better. | Image: VRdirect

Digital Twins: Integrate 3D models easily

Technology is evolving rapidly: digital twins, from small objects to machines to industrial structures, enable collaboration, research, and simulation without production stops or other delays in operations.

VRdirect Studio can integrate existing 3D models, such as CAD files, into 360-degree environments. Employees can then better present their detailed 3D models and more easily share their work with others – without increasing the effort required to develop the VR experience.


How to VR: Getting started with VR has never been so easy for enterprises.

If an enterprise is just starting out with virtual reality or new employees want to work on VR projects, templates, and sample projects show the most important steps directly in the software. This way, users learn how to use VRdirect Studio effectively in no time at all – which results in presentable results much faster.

An individual graphics library and the new text editor make it even easier to create and adapt VR scenes.

VRdirect Studio is available in the Microsoft Store and the Apple Store.

VRdirect: VR expertise for companies

VRdirect supports enterprises with strategy and technology on their way into the metaverse. Training, education, presentation, marketing: as VR professionals, they have successfully implemented numerous projects with companies for many years.

Find out directly from VRdirect about the benefits and possible applications of virtual reality for business, take a look at some projects in the showroom and arrange a free meeting without any obligation.