Pico 4 gets a major OS update and improved PC VR software

Pico 4 gets a major OS update and improved PC VR software

Pico releases OS update 5.9.0 and enhances its PC VR streaming solution with new features such as Super Resolution.


Pico announces Pico OS 5.9.0. It includes the following improvements:

  • Streaming Assistant has been upgraded to PICO Connect, which now features PC/Mac desktop connectivity and improved SteamVR streaming. PICO Connect will be separately upgraded after the PICO OS V5.9.0 update.
  • Reduced hand tracking latency during transitions from stationary to movement states, improved the success rate of clicking with the "pinch" gesture (using thumb and index finger) and optimized hand tracking stability during head movement.
  • Improved system performance and picture quality when viewing VR and HDR videos.
  • Added automatic format recognition function in Video Player for 2D, 3D, 2D-VR360°, 3D-VR360°, 2D-VR180° and 3D-VR180° videos, significantly decreasing the difficulty of switching between formats.
  • Screencasting to browser now supports using a fixed URL, which can be added to your browser's Bookmarks for ease of daily use.

For the complete release notes, see the sources at the end of this article.

Pico has updated its website for Pico Connect (see sources) and goes into more detail about the improvements: The software is said to feature a new UI design, better compatibility with SteamVR, and support for "Super Resolution" for a much sharper image in streamed VR games.

Pico notes that you should uninstall the Streaming Assistant before installing Pico Connect. An article on X takes a closer look at the new features and improvements of Pico Connect.


Is Pico gearing up for a new push into consumer VR?

The software updates show that despite mass layoffs and scaled-back VR ambitions, Pico is still working on its VR products. The company has also teased new motion trackers in China.

Rumor has it that even a slightly improved Pico 4, which could be called the Pico 4S, is in the works after Pico 5 was reportedly canned. The device could use the same chipset as the Quest 3 and feature ringless controllers.

Will Bytedance invest more heavily in consumer VR again, or is Pico 4S just a last-ditch attempt to steal market share from Meta? We should find out later this year.

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