This year's Meta Quest Hackathon produced interesting mixed reality concepts

This year's Meta Quest Hackathon produced interesting mixed reality concepts

Meta has announced the 2024 Presence Platform Digital Hackathon Winners:

  • Casual & Social Gaming: Blobble
  • Hobbies, Interests & Skill Building: Flaivor
  • Utility & Design Experience: Dreamscape

More information can be found in the Developer Blog.


Here are some of the most interesting submissions for the Meta Quest Presence Platform Hackathon 2024.

The Meta Quest Presence Platform Hackathon 2024 is organized by Meta.

Developers had until May 13, 2024 to submit projects, and according to the Devpost website, a total of 182 apps were submitted.

In 2024, the focus was on mixed reality, meaning that submissions needed to have at least one MR capability as well as one Presence SDK feature.

The winners will be announced on May 31, 2024. They will receive prize money and Quest 3 headsets in three categories:

  • Casual or Social Gaming
  • Hobbies, Interests & Skill-Building
  • Utility & Design Experiences

182 entries is quite a lot. We have picked out a few submissions for you. You can find a link to the full list of submissions at the end of this article.


Flaivor is an AI-powered cooking assistant that suggests recipes based on a photo or description of existing food, lets you set timers, and provides real-time help and guidance every step of the way.

Easy Origami

Easy Origami teaches you how to fold origami step by step. You can move the virtual paper in space, change its size, rotate it and place it where you see it best. The playback control helps you see each fold at the speed you want.


Dreamscape is a meditative MR app that lets you create miniature worlds inside snow globes.




Flux is a mixed reality robotics lab for tinkerers where you can write Arduino code, connect electrical components, simulate circuits, and prototype robotics projects.


Turn your living room into an art gallery with this mixed reality app.

Orbital Beats

Orbital Beats lets you create floating spheres of sound with simple hand gestures. By manipulating these orbs in physical space, you can create different effects and compose music dynamically in a mixed reality environment.


This mixed reality app lets you summon a yoga instructor to a location of your choice in your house.


Revamp Car MR

Revamp Car lets you virtually modify your physical car. You can change tires, apply decals, and try out different accessories.

More examples

The complete list of all entries for the Meta Quest Presence Platform Hackathon 2024 can be viewed online.

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