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Apple reportedly considering a product similar to Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses

Tomislav Bezmalinovic

After the initial success of the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses, Apple is apparently thinking about developing a similar wearable.


According to Mark Gurman, Apple is thinking about developing new wearables, namely a smart ring and smart glasses. While the former is just an idea, the smart glasses are said to be in an exploratory phase that Apple's hardware division calls "Technology Investigation".

Apple is considering to develop glasses similar to Meta and Amazon's smart glasses, according to Gurman. The wearable could serve as an AirPods replacement and offer AI capabilities, as well as a stepping stone to full-fledged AR glasses.


Apple under pressure from Meta?

In October, Meta launched a second generation of its own smart glasses. The demand for Ray-Ban Meta Smartglasses was higher than expected and production had to be increased. This success may have encouraged Apple to follow Meta's lead. Amazon is offering a similar product with its Echo Frames.

In early 2023, Mark Gurman reported that Apple had indefinitely postponed the launch of a full-fledged AR glasses due to "technical challenges" and scaled back work on it. Gurman's new report may signal the beginning of a resurgence of such efforts.

According to a leaked hardware roadmap, Meta will launch a third generation of Ray-Ban Meta smartglasses in 2025, which will feature a viewfinder display for the first time. Meta could unveil a full-fledged AR glasses as early as this year, but it will not be sold to consumers due to the high manufacturing costs. According to the leaked roadmap, the first commercial version of the AR glasses is scheduled for 2027.

Meta's efforts are likely to put pressure on Apple to follow with comparable products.