8 Smart Home Gadgets you should Invest in

8 Smart Home Gadgets you should Invest in

The world has become increasingly interconnected, with smart home gadgets becoming the new norm. These gadgets have not only drastically increased our efficiency but also redefined our expectations for convenience.

If you are looking forward to making your life easier as well, this article covers eight smart home gadgets that are worth an investment.

1. Robot Vacuum

The robot vacuum is a smart home gadget that has recently taken the world of household chores by storm. They come in different shapes that allow them to do edge-to-edge cleaning. On the other hand, the AI-enabled navigation ensures that it passes through all the obstacles and accurately maps the path.

These smart devices are usually integrated with voice assistance or its app that would help you quickly schedule the robot vacuum to start a cleaning session anytime during the day. Also, some models offer pet-friendly cleaning mode, which means they would identify pets at home and offer the best cleaning solutions.

Certain robot vacuums come with mops, providing utmost convenience by performing both vacuuming and mopping at once. To make the cleaning procedure completely hassle-free, they can also pair with a self-cleaning station that can even clean the mop heads with hot water, ensuring a fresher living environment.

2. Video Doorbell

If you want to add more defense to your home security system, a video doorbell should be your go-to device. Cleverly designed to provide defense while giving a classy look to your home, video doorbells provide a value of functions. In fact, around 14.6% of Americans own video doorbells, making them the most popular safety and security smart home devices.

These functions include letting you see and speak to the people at the door without moving from your place and recording footage of visitors. Some newer models of video doorbells also come with built-in motion sensors to alert you if anyone shows up at your door. This would help you monitor suspicious activity or unexpected visitors.

3. Smart Home Assistant

Smart home assistants are no doubt one of the best smart home gadgets you can add to your home. Around 30% of American smartphone users have downloaded a home assistant application. This assistant makes sure to automate everything in your home from lights and switches to doorbells, thermostats, and security cameras by letting you control them with voice control.

Besides, a smart home assistant also helps you set reminders and alarms and reads your news every day. This in turn provides the utmost convenience, simplifies your daily routine, saves you time, and contributes to your efficiency.

4. Smart Thermostat

If you want to save money that goes on energy usage in your home, you should get a smart thermostat installed. Smart thermostats offer a variety of features including controlling the thermostat with your phone or voice to set the temperature or schedule turning on the heating or cooling system.

Some new models also learn your routine of switching between turning on or off the heating or cooling system when you leave or enter the house. This way you would not have to turn it on using voice or an app. This automatic system not only helps you provide convenience but also will cut off a large part of your electricity bill by saving energy.


5. Smart Lock

Another smart home gadget to maximize your protection and security is a smart lock. Smart Lock is basically just a keyless lock that lets you unlock the door using your voice or fingerprint. It basically reduces the hassle of carrying keys around, and hence is more convenient to use.

Some models of smart lock also allow you to connect it with an app where you get push notifications when someone enters and see who entered. For increased convenience and automation, you can also connect smart locks to home assistants and control them with your voice.

6. Robotic Lawnmower

Are you lazy or too busy to get your lawn mowed every few days? This innovative gadget has got your back. A robotic lawn mower helps maintain your lawn without any human input. Here is how it works; you can connect the robotic lawnmower with its app and control it with your smartphone which allows you to adjust its settings, schedule mowing, and receive relevant notifications.

These mowing machines, unlike traditional lawn mowers, have a quiet operation and allow you to get random or patterned cutting and have mulching capabilities. Once its battery is low, this robotic lawn mower returns to its base automatically to make sure that it is well-charged for the next session. This reduces the hassle to put it on charging every time its battery is drained.

7. Smart Leak Detector

A smart leak detector is a clever device to help users detect the presence of water or leaks in their homes. A smart leak detector is embedded with various types of sensors that quickly detect any leaks and alert the users, demanding quick action.

Some smart leak detectors can also be integrated with another smartphone system so that it can take action in case of any leak. For example, in case of any leak, a smart leak detector may trigger other systems to take actions like turning off the water supply or switches near the leak.

8. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems, epitomized by popular devices like the Philips Smart Bulb, have revolutionized home automation with their convenience and energy efficiency. These systems seamlessly integrate into your existing home infrastructure, allowing you to replace regular bulbs with smart lights that fit into pre-existing sockets. They connect to your home's internet through a smart bridge linked to your router, although the setup process may vary by model. Once installed, these systems offer unparalleled control over your home's lighting through smartphone apps or voice commands. You can adjust brightness, color, and even set schedules for specific lighting effects or routines, like automatically turning on the living room lights when you arrive home. Beyond setting the mood and enhancing home security, smart lighting systems also play a crucial role in reducing energy consumption, making them an essential feature for a modern, automated home.

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